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Eco-Friendly Bird Feeder - L'Arc

This beautifully designed environmentally friendly bird feeder can either be used as a ground feeder or suspended to form an elegant feeding platform.

The L’Arc feeder has sage green painted, FSC wooden side bars with a clear Perspex cover to keep food dry. The L’Arc feeder has a removable stainless steel tray for easy cleaning.

This versatile feeder can either be used on the floor for ground feeding birds such as Dunnocks, Robins and Blackbirds or suspended via a cord to make a feeding platform for birds such as Blue Tits, Goldfinches, Great Tits and Greenfinches.

The label on the bird feeder is made from plantable seed paper. Plant it in the garden and wildlife friendly flowers will grow for butterflies, bees and other pollinators to enjoy.

Dimensions: H150mm x W370mm x D180mm



Position the L’Arc feeder in a safe, sheltered location and if using as a suspended platform position away from direct winds. Locate the feeder away from bird nesting areas.

Remove old food and clean the L’Arc bird feeder regularly.

The paint work may be topped up with a water-based shade to maintain appearance.


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