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Eco-Friendly Bird Nesting Box - La Coloniale Birdhouse

This colonial style environmentally friendly nesting box is made from durable FSC timber and is suitable for small nesting hole birds. The box has a hook on the back for ease of hanging.

The label on the eco-friendly birdhouse is made from plantable seed paper. Plant it in the garden and wildlife friendly flowers will grow for butterflies, bees and other pollinators to enjoy.

The birdhouse is painted in a beautiful colonial style green, water based paint and has a 32mm steel hole protector. The side of this eco-friendly nesting box easily opens to allow access for cleaning at the end of the breeding season.

No chemicals have been used in the making of the La Coloniale Nesting Box.

Dimensions: H 250mm x W 200mm x D180mm


Fix the nesting box to a wall, tree or gardening fitting it at least 2 - 5 metres above the ground.

Install the birdhouse in a sheltered position, avoiding direct winds

Position the entrance hole facing South or South-East.

Never install the birdhouse in full sunlight or total shade.

Leave the nesting box empty as wild birds will fill it with their own nesting materials.

The side easily opens by moving the catch located on the bottom right hand side of the box to the downwards position. The side will then lift upwards to allow access for cleaning. The nesting box should be cleaned at the end of the breeding season, between August and November. Ideally clean the box out in September, as birds will often start to check out a nesting site for the following year during the winter months.    

The paint work may be topped up with a water-based shade to maintain appearance.