Eco-Friendly Bird Feeder - Haute Cuisine Jaune


This eco-friendly bird feeder will add a splash of colour to your wildlife garden whilst providing a valuable, high energy, nutritional source of food for visiting birds.

The environmentally friendly Haute Cuisine feeding station is made from FSC wood and painted in Mediterranean yellow. The bird feeder comes with 3, easy to replace high energy seed bars which are suitable for a wide range of birds.

With a top fixing hole the bird feeder can easily be installed in the garden by using a single screw or nail.

Seed bars are simply replaced by sliding the hole in the food block over the central peg of the feeding station.

The label on the Haute Cuisine bird seed feeder is made from plantable seed paper. Plant it in the garden and wildlife friendly flowers will grow for butterflies, bees and other pollinators to enjoy.

No chemicals have been used to make the Haute Cuisine eco-friendly bird feeder, and the paint used is water-based.

Dimensions: H200mm x W130mm x D90mm

The Haute Cuisine Bird feeder comes with 3 high quality, nutritional seed bars. Further additional seed bars can be purchased here.


Fix the feeding station through the top fixing hole, in a safe position using a screw or nail (not included).  The feeding station can be fixed to a tree, other wooden structure or a wall. Ensure that the station is installed at a safe height where cats will not interfere with the feeding birds.  


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